Indian railways is huge! It’s really huge! It’s the 4th largest Railway Network in Whole world and the most complicated too! It was started 161 years ago and since then, it’s growing!

On Daily Basis, It Transports Crores of People from one place to Another! Here, You need to know some apps that can help you with Indian Railways. You might be knowing about some of them because you might have booked tickets with them!

Anyways, Let’s dive into the list of websites you need to know that can help you with Indian Railways. So, the first one of them is,


As I told you, You might be knowing about IRCTC because it’s huge and Handles most of the ticket booking Requests done online. It gets Millions of Hits a day and It has Android Application too named IRCTC Rail Connect through which you can book your train tickets Easily!

IRCTC is one Solution Of all your railway ticket management. From finding a right train and the right class, Managing your tickets and Cancelling your ticket, IRCTC is here to help! Not help but you can actually do everything on the site with your tickets!

Now, Let us move one to the second website!

2. is the one website on which you can actually know the live train running status. It means you can know when your train is going to reach the station from which you have to board the train and also if it’s going to be late or early or it is going to be on station on scheduled arrival time.

Not only you can check the live train running status but you can also check the schedule of any real train you want! You just have to enter the train number and you will get the schedule of the train in seconds!

Now, Let’s move on to the third Website you need to know!

3. is the website on which you can actually check PNR Status. You just have to enter your PNR number and the site will return the status of your PNR.

It is very easy website and there is nothing much to explain you about it! You can just open the site and know everything about it!

If you know any more useful websites then you can just comment them down and we will add them to the list! You can also comment down if you have any questions and we are happy to help!

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