Indian Railways is one of the most interesting topic to discuss as this blog is completely dedicated to Indian Railways. As Indian Railway is one of the oldest Railway Network and has Really great history as well as some really shocking and hard to believe Facts.

As promised, On this blog, I will post really interesting articles about Indian railways that you will really like. Without wasting more time, Let’s dive into the facts about Indian Railways.

  1. Indian Railway is about 161 Years Old – Yeah, It was started on 16th April 1853. It is really a long time! At that time, Instead of high Tech Machines, Elephants were used to Position the cartridges.
  2. The Longest Tunnel for the Trains is 11.215KM Long in Distance. The name of the tunnel is Pir Panjal tunnel and it is located in Jammu and Kashmir.
  3. Train Drivers are called Loco-pilots and they are paid more than Average Software Engineer by Government! Yeah, Their Salaries are more than 1 Lakh Rs Per Month! That’s good amount of Money.
  4. No Loco-Pilot has Abandoned the Train In Train even at the cost of death.
  5. Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri Passenger train is the Slowest train with the speed of 10kmph. It means If you are tired, You can just take a walk for some time and catch the train easily! The reason behind very low speed is the train goes Uphill with lots of passengers! That’s hard you know!
  6. The trains in Indian Railways got Toilets after 50 years! Yeah! It means you have to wait for the train to stop to Discharge the waste (The best way to say that!). But wait, What if train is going to stop for a minute only?
  7. Rajdhani Express Covers 528KM without a single Stop! Yeah, Not for a minute too! Combine Fact Number 6 and 7 and You will start feeling pressure :v .
  8. Now, It’s time for the boom! Indian Railways Transport almost 2.5 crore of Population Every Single Day! It’s Equal to the Total Population of the country named Mozambique(2013).

So, These are some most interesting facts you need to know about Indian Railways. I will keep updating the article with more facts so that you can know more about Indian Railways!

If you have any questions or want to add your own fact, just comment it down and we are here to help!

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