Indin railways is famous for being Late or early in India. If you are not regular customer of Indian Railways, you will never know that sometimes trains get hundreds of Minutes Late and you have to keep waiting on the platform between the crowd with your Luggage or Bags.

It is horrible in summer because you don’t get A/C on the Platform, Lol! Now, Coming back to the point, Here in this article, I want to show you how you can know if your train is Late or early on your Station.

In short, you have to check Live train running status to know where your train has reached and the best part is I already know about one tool you can use anytime/anywhere to know when your train will reach the station and how much late or early it is going to be!

You just need Your Train Number and Date of journey and you are good to go! So, Let’s get started with the actual Tutorial.

First of all, Open Live Train Running Status tool by clicking on the link! Now, you will see one simple form in which you have to enter your train number and date of journey.

Once done, Just click onthe submit button and you will get Live train status as following Image.

Screenshot (100)

You will get whole route of the train Including the Scheduled Arrival time, Scheduled Departure time, Actual Arrival time (if train is arrived), Actual Departure time (if train is departed) and the thing we are looking for is Status.

In Status, you will Either see something like XX Minutes Late or XX Minutes Early or On Time.

Status will be Red if train is Late on Specific Station, It will be Green if Train is Early on the Specific Station and Black if it’s on the right time!

You can check Status on of all the stations in Route of the train. So, This is how you can get the exact arrival time of the train on the specific station from which you have to board the train!

In case you have any questions related to this article, you can comment it down and I will help you solve the questions! Happy Journey!

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